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What Is Hindering You As A Writer?

By Sherry Anderson

& Désirée Anderson



How To Identify Your Hindrances

 And Overcome Them



There are lots of reasons that we do not follow through on our desire to write. Believe me, at one time or another every reason and excuse has been successful in preventing me from accomplishing my goals! Here are just a few:




It simply means that we do not believe in our heart that we can do it. We may believe we are not good enough, smart enough, or that we don't know enough.



Fear of failure  

What if I fail? Failure in the past usually causes this fear to be a problem. What if no one likes what I write? What if they do? What if what you write really helps someone?




Maybe someone just doesn't know how to go about writing and how to set goals and be disciplined.




I know our lives are busier than ever! However, a lot of what we do doesn't help us make any progress. Last year I printed a sign on 8.5 x 11 paper and put it over my desk, and this is what it said: "Are you just busy, or are you accomplishing something?" Selah (pause and think of it).




When this is a problem there are many reasons we can come up with.



Now, back to what is holding you back as a writer -- do you need encouragement? do you have someone who regularly encourages, exhorts, and/or admonishes you? (Romans 15:14)



Do you need direction? 

You can find it. Get help if you need it.



What is your passion? 

This can be a big clue into what you will write well. Your passion will shine through in your writing. Do you devour newspapers and magazines? You would probably do well writing articles for these. Do you love novels? Write what you love and what you read.



What are you an expert in? 

Write what you know, whether from experience or research and learning. Find your niche.


Do you need practical information? 

Librarians are a great resource. The Internet is a terrific research tool. Read as much as you can in the genre you wish to write in, and keep developing your craft. Interview those who have knowledge you desire. Find out the secret to their success and emulate that.



Do you need accountability? 

It could be in the form of a small group, a critique group, or a prayer partner. You can also find accountability through a writing partner, a creative writing class, or a friend who is also writing. The purpose is to stay on track, keep moving forward, and reciprocate the encouragement.



Some of the reasons we have for not writing can be legitimate and some are just excuses. Keeping a balanced perspective will help you search out positive solutions to your hindrances and move forward in writing!



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