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Tips From Our Writers


Write every day.
Read in the genre in which you choose to write.

Pat Horn


Use the same voice to write with that you talk with.
If you write, you are a writer. Be proud to say, "I am a writer."

Lorna Cassie Bywater



  • Don't wait for inspiration. Most of the time it shows up while you're in the middle of writing.         
  • Don't quit.
  • Write something every day.
  • Journal.
  • Write down your "plot bunnies" -- the ideas and inspirations that come out.of nowhere -- before they disappear.

Happy Writing!!
Desiree Anderson

Do it!
You have a story to tell. No one else has your story. Write it for yourself as well as for others.
Even if some years from now someone picks up your story and it says "author unknown" you will know and smile.

Norma Bowen


Getting in with a writers club for encouragement and skill sharpening.
Spend time alone in prayer to clear your mind before you sit down to write.

Annette Rygala


Get past the "planning to write."

Organize and schedule a time to write.

Join a critique group. 

Barbara Winter 




If you are tired of starting over, then stop quitting!
If you want to feel good about your writing, read back over something you wrote a while ago. It will do one of two things..
It will show how much you’ve improved or you will be impressed at how good it is. J

Sherry Anderson


1. Turn off the editing part of your brain when writing a first draft
of anything. If you don't, it will shut down the creative part of yourbrain. Tell the editing brain it will get its turn later!
2. If it comes from your heart, it will touch another heart.
3. Come to Writers Aglow for great encouragement and help.

Cathy Everitt

Quote from “Murder She Wrote” TV show: Jessica Fletcher said, “To become a writer, you must read, read, read.” I truly believe this is very important to study published authors’ various styles and presentation. It can be a wealth of techniques to try.

From “housekeeping” documents tips: Never type/edit/add text to yesterday’s document. Copy it, rename it, and continue to work in the most recent versions. This is called Version Control. Naming devices will keep the sequence moving along by using the date and/or series number in the document name, i.e. 0601-sequel-draft.docx, 0602-sequel-draft.docx, etc. for the June draft version. As the phases progress: 0822-sequel-edits.docx and continuing through each phase of fixes, editing, and revision.

Carole Bailey


Welcome to our web site. We would love to have you join us at one of our monthly meetings!
Sherry Anderson

Lorna Cassie Bywater 

Author and Speaker

"Each meeting we go away with something new. . . I really enjoy the meetings. What a wonderful opportunity to get together with like-minded people."  

Lorna has published two books since joining us! 

 Pat Enns
  "I love Writers Aglow!"
Pat was the First Place Winner in our Annual Writing Contest!
Cathy Everitt 
"Before I stumbled into this group most of my ideas amounted to nothing but procrastinating...now I have published my third book!"
          "I enjoy the comraderie and receive encouragement as well as tips to improve my writing."



Carole Allen Bailey  

 Author of The Lady and Her Porch     "If it had not been for the encouragement and true personal interest provided by others within this group, I'd still be saying "I'm going to write a book someday". It is with thanks to them that I achieved my lifelong dream of publishing a book ... " Book Two in the trilogy due out this year!